Thursday, 16 January 2014

Geat Metaroom Beta Release

Introducing Geat Metaroom, a simple metaroom designed for geats. Comes with special mushrooms and carrots that will grow in the abence of cellular automata, which geats are known to remove from a room. This metaroom doesn't come with any lifts, so I suggest using elevines. At the moment it only works in DS standalone, due to taking up the same space on the map as the Ettin Desert. (It also uses the Ettin Desert favorite icon.) Please leave bug reports here.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Highlander Norns in C2

This post is about something that's bugging me.

A few days ago, I installed The Albian Years from No problems, not even one crash. Then while playing with one of the default Ettins, I noticed he had gotten to senile and was still in perfect health. What a special Ettin huh? Except that it was the same story with the next Ettin. And this one Grendel. And all the Norns. Not only were they never starving, the health bars never got below 3/4.

To test my creeping suspicions, I got a female Emerald Norn and put her in the submarine bay with no food. Her health bar still didn't go below 3/4. And even though there was no starch, fat or protein in her bloodstream, her levels of amino acids, glucose and similar digestive chemicals did not drop during observation. In short, an entire population of Highlander Norns.

My question is... how? These are all creatures from the hatchery or egg layers. There seem to be only two possibilities, that all the default genomes have been corrupted, or there is something in the game doing this. Either way, pretty strange. I'll post more when I have a better idea of what's going on.